Yang Guang (Sunshine) Primary School

We are very excited to announce that our first shipment will soon be on its way to Yang Guang (Sunshine) Primary School located in the Xu Ting village of Zan Huang County in the Hebei Province of China! The village is surrounded by mountains. The roads are rough and there is little contact outside the village where there are many elders and left-behind children.
Yang Guang School accommodates 117 students from Grades 1 to 6, with the left-behind children, single-parent children and orphans totalling 78. The school provides lodging as the teachers here not only care about the children’s studies, but also are responsible for parenting. While caring for the left-behind children, another mission for the school is helping the poor. The school is bringing up 5 orphans and 12 children who are in extreme poverty.
In July 2016, a flood inflicted a heavy loss on this school. The wall collapsed, the storage area was flooded and the surface of the village road was destroyed. With the help of the teachers and students, along with the kind-hearted people in society, they finally overcame this hardship and the students started schooling on time on the 1st of September. The school even set activities for the elders in the village and shared their free nutritional food. Vegetables are planted by the teachers and students in an attempt to save money where possible.
We thank all of our supporters of this humanitarian project. Without you this would not be possible.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.