Who We Are

Adrien and Gary Amadeo, founders of Secret Santa China, live in Vancouver, Canada. 

Our dream and mission could not have been realized without the help of the following team, fondly known to us as, “Santa’s Helpers“:

Jenny (Vancouver, Canada) – thank you for providing helpful information and the specific area in Hebei Province that is in need of our help.  This was the first step to ensuring this project will be successful;

Liobell (Shijiazhuang, China) – thank you for being our #1 friend and contact on the ground in China.  You took the initiative to “run with the ball”, and wasted no time in doing so.  You are the one who opened the door with your many contacts in order to make our dream a reality and for which we will be forever grateful;

Lily (Shijiazhuang, China) – thank you for coordinating your volunteer group, for your ongoing support and for joining our Secret Santa China team; and

Yanxiao (Shijiazhuang, China) – thank you for all of your kindness and for ensuring all shipments lovingly reach the village schools safely.

Thank you for your kind hearts, generosity and ongoing support.  Bless each and every one of you!

E-mail: secretsantachina@yahoo.com

Adrien Amadeo-Vittone Gary Amadeo


With Warm Hearts,

Adrien & Gary