Gratitude at Every Meal

Our wonderful mountainous school. They have little in the way of material goods, but oh my, they have huge hearts!

Before every meal……Gratitude is given to the universe, to society, to the nation and to the parents.

In the Classroom

A very happy class!!!

Notice the stack of papers Gary holds in his hands. As we taught, this grade 4 class, they were inspired to create many beautiful pieces of art to give us as personal gifts, from items that were hand drawn and coloured, animal stickers, and fancy cut paper designs.

These children are so full of love and gratitude!

A New Computer!

Secret Santa China was able to purchase a desperately needed new computer for the school! The Schoolmaster is over the moon with joy!

About the Schoolmaster

In addition to regular studies, with an emphasis on learning English, the Schoolmaster pictured below teaches the kids to be compassionate, grateful, kind and a good positive person in society. He built this school with his own money, in addition to financial help from his family and friends. Those who are unable to pay the nominal fee of approximately $60 Canadian per month, which includes education, lodging and meals, get absorbed into the system. No one is turned away. In 2017, there are 195 students living at the school. He truly is a caring person.  The Secret Santa China team is very proud to be a part of his family.

Precious Faces of the School

We cannot begin to put into words what we experienced last week at this wonderful school. Although they endure many hardships, they welcomed us with open arms and warm hearts. First, we will share the many faces of these precious children.

Thank you Liobell for joining us at the school and for being an integral part of Secret Santa China, which makes our mission so successful.

Special Announcement!

We are very excited to be going to our Yang Guang (Sunshine) Primary school in just two weeks time! We have been asked by the schoolmaster to teach the kids (grades 1-6) oral English. We will be taking numerous items for the kids and will stay at the school for a week. During that time, we will participate in the school’s daily activities. As this is our first trip to the school we are looking forward to meeting, spending time with and getting to know everyone. Stay tuned for photos and further updates. You may also like to follow us on Facebook at

“DoReMi Children’s Alliance”

Vancouver, B.C. – After our second interview with Beijing’s DoReMi TV Children’s Channel, we are thrilled to announce our affiliation as members of the “DoReMi Children’s Alliance” Leadership Team formed so children may gather together to learn, share love, give love back to our society, learn how to be a good little citizen and to serve our community better. Children help children make our world happier, better and simpler. DoReMi’s dream is for one community to influence more communities, to a city, to a country and the whole world.

After only two years, DoReMi has accomplished much in this regard. In the U.S.A., they have visited children with cancer and have been involved with the Super Joey Foundation. In China, they have visited left-behind children in rural schools and have been vigilant in protecting stray cats. DoReMi’s first interview was with the famous Dr. Jane Goodall. They have also interviewed McDonald’s House staff, as well as Alex Hua Tian, China’s first Olympic equestrian star, and much more.

DoReMi, we are very proud to be a part of your team where love shines brightly. See you in Beijing!!!

DoReMi TV Channel – Beijing

Richmond, B.C. – The night we met and were first interviewed by DoReMi TV Channel from Beijing, was at the live Shaolin Kung Fu show.  DoReMi is the first children’s channel created and run by three sisters. We are honoured to have shared a “pinky promise” (shown here) to cement our common goal of bringing happiness and leadership to children. Thank you!  Hugs to our new family Mya, Reyna and Dominica for this heartwarming video taken with you. (Videographer:  Shandy)