WILLOW MEETS HAWK  –  A Journey In Healing


The essence of this book is for you Sugar (my horse), Jazz and Tango (my two cats), my dear ones, my adoring animal companions.  Thank you for your love and the many lessons and healing techniques that you have taught me.  I love each one of you with all my heart and you will remain there forever.

Thank you, Sugar, for the many healing techniques that you have shared with me; Jazz, thank you for always lying within arm’s reach each time I was at the computer putting this book together, along with reminding me to include some very important facets that I nearly missed; thank you Tango, for faithfully snuggling up on my lap and for always being there to assist with the assimilation of energies for each and every attunement I have received.  The eternal support from each of you means everything to me.

Franciscan Animal Blessing”

For All Animals:

Blessed are you the Divine,
maker of all living creatures.
On the fifth and sixth days of creation,
you called forth fish in the sea,
birds in the air and animals on the land.
You inspired St. Francis to call all animals
his brothers and sisters.
We ask you to bless this animal.
By the power of your love,
enable it to live according to your plan.
May we always praise you
for all your beauty in creation.
Blessed are you, Great Spirit, in all your creatures.

“Author Unknown”



Chapter I:  The Magical Princess
Chapter II:  The Devic Kingdom
Chapter III:  The Awakening
Chapter IV:  The Feather
Chapter V:  The Crystal Forest
Chapter VI:  The Sacred Cave
Chapter VII:  Silver Morn’s Miracle
Chapter VIII:  Mona’s Special Thank You
Chapter IX:  Gulls and Geese from a Bird’s-Eye View
Chapter X:  Sheena’s Devotion
Chapter XI:  Sammy’s Love
Chapter XII:  Star’s Journey Home
Chapter XIII:  Honouring the Seasons
Chapter XIV:  Pickle Returns
Chapter XV:  Come Fly with Me!
Chapter XVI:  Soaring with Hawk
Chapter XVII:  Sacred Healing Waters
Chapter XVIII:  The Ice Palace of Light
Chapter XIX:  Fortune Favoured the Brave
Chapter XX:  Homeward Bound
Chapter XXI:  Willow’s Message to You
Words from the Wise
Reader’s Comments
About Starlight



Through Divine love this magical and mystical book has been co-written with Spirit as a gift to you.  It has been an exciting and exhilarating spiritual quest that has come to fruition by listening very closely.

Of course, this book would not be complete without discussing one of our greatest tools – the importance of positive thinking and visualization.

The intent of this book is to bring about awareness and enlightenment by illustrating the significant roles animals and nature play in our lives.  To those who currently are hesitant about such possibilities, we hope a seedling will be planted, and through your own personal experiences gleaned from this newfound awareness, in time it will be nurtured to grow and flourish.  To those who have previously pondered about the existence of such promise, we hope this will assist you in the expansion of your consciousness.  For this reason we have touched lightly on a few of the many healing techniques available to assist you along your pathway.

If you so desire, you too can reach out and help the animals of the world, all of nature, the people in your life and yourself.  This gift is our birthright and one of the most important gifts we have.  By having this gift we are linked together with all whom we share our glorious planet.  For this I am truly grateful and give great thanks.

For those who may be interested in how this book was born, the following is a short summary of its beginnings.

Over the years, friends with spiritual vision told me that one day I would write a book.  Although I was deeply flattered and excited at the idea, I had to giggle while replying to them that there wasn’t anything I could write that others would be interested in reading.

The tides changed.  Recently, less than a year before the writing of this book, my dear friend Allison Dahlhaus made a similar comment, but this time it was different.  The vibration of her words penetrated my soul and instantly produced a vision and a sensing I could not mistake.  Could this be?  Me, write a book?  I felt confident that I could with Spirit’s assistance.  The thought lingered in the back of my mind, but only briefly.  I had suggested to Spirit that if in fact this was something I was meant to do, then guided by love from above, I would be pleased and honoured to do so.

Over the next few days and weeks the visions increased and I was shown an outline of how it would manifest itself.  Dearest Allison, who is like a sister to me, had been the catalyst.  As the owner of Reiki Blessings Publishing, Allison was quick to agree that she would be pleased to be the publisher.  Spirit had choreographed it all so beautifully.  We were set to roll and things began to move quickly!

Spirit reminded me of a piece of spirit writing given to me a few years prior that I truly resonated with.  The character Willow would be modelled after the woman Spirit guide who had given me the piece, but where would it go from there?

Soon I experienced very strong feelings that moved me to sit down at the computer.  To my amazement the first chapter was complete.  My mind had gone blank while my fingers flew across the keyboard.  The story began to unfold.  Faint visions were shown to me as I typed.  From one day to the next I did not know what to expect as each chapter began to appear before my eyes.

As the book continued I wondered how I would know when it was time for it to conclude.  Then I realized this would not be my personal decision.  After each chapter I left the computer more excited than the time before telling my husband Gary how wonderful it was coming together and how he would love the end result.  No one, not even he, was privy to the material during the writing of this book.  Gary was given the honours of being the first reader upon completion.

As I began the illustrations for each chapter, I was given the chapter titles.  The animal names used in this book are the actual names of those who received the animal healing and/or telepathic communication session as described in this book.  I feel truly blessed to know each and every one of these beautiful souls.

As a very special gift of love, this book has been infused with special blessings for all who read it.

Moonbeams and Starlight Blessings…


A special thank you to my dear friend Allison Dahlhaus  for her special words of enlightenment that enabled me to sense there was a book to be written.

My undying love and gratitude goes to my husband Gary, my greatest supporter, who continuously instills great confidence in all that I do.

To Star, Sammy, Sheena and Pickle, to their human companions Helen, Lois, Gunvor, Buddy and Joy and to my animal friends Silver Morn and Mona, thank you for allowing me to share these wonderful stories.

A special thanks to my many nature friends for the collection of “Words from the Wise” that can be found at the end of this book.

Last, but not least, thank you Felipa, Marlene, Helen, Setareh and Arlene whose kind comments grace the end and back cover of this book.

Chapter I – The Magical Princess

The animals all knew her as the “Magical Princess of the Forest”.  Willow was born in the early morning hours of a clear cold January night.  In celebration of her birth, the jewelled moon shone full while luminous stars twinkled brightly in the night sky. Nature was full of excitement with Willow’s arrival!

Willow grew up to be a very caring young lady.  With locks of amber curls that framed her delicate heart-shaped face, Willow had kind eyes of the same amber colour.  Love and kindness flowed from Willow’s compassionate heart making her absolutely striking in every way!  She was a happy-go-lucky soul who smiled easily, with a calming voice that soothed the animals and birds.

Willow honoured all of nature and was full of love for the outdoors.  She greeted the trees, birds and animals daily as she wandered happily through the magical green forest nestled close to her home.  Often she walked barefoot feeling Mother Earth on the soles of her feet.  When she stopped to speak to a tree, she liked to place her hands on its trunk.  This helped Willow sense how the tree was feeling.  Tiny flowers bowed their heads with love and appreciation of Willows understanding of the oneness of all things living.  Animals and birds visited her often.  They enjoyed blending their energies with her radiant aura of peacefulness and grace.  She often attempted to give healing to all of nature’s little ones.

Willow included the use of roots, berries and bark from various trees in her healing.  Willow had not been taught, it was instinctual.  You see, Willow had the inner desire to heal and she knew she was born with the ability to do so.  She knew she was being guided by a powerful source and she listened closely and followed this guidance.  But Willow had a strong need to find out more.  She was sure there was more to her gift, if only she could remember.

The joy nature gave back in return was healing for her.  They were all her many friends of the forest and all had the understanding of oneness.

It was spring and Willow’s favourite time of the year.  Newly sprouted leaves and grass had turned that special shade of green – a green that is ever so brilliant, yet soft on the eyes and warming to the heart.  Watching the baby animals frolicking through the fields and the flower buds bobbing in the gentle spring breezes made her smile.  This truly felt like HEAVEN to Willow!

A recurring dream of Pickle, a darling little orange kitty, always had the same message for her.  A message that felt important.  His words “TRUST IT!” rang loud and clear to her every time.  Willow often recalled Pickle’s message, but she could not decipher the depth of its meaning.  What was he telling her?

Chapter II – The Devic Kingdom

While out for a walk one hot sunny afternoon, Willow stopped to sit in the shade of a Magnolia tree in full bloom with its large soft purple-pink flowers.  She couldn’t help stare at the tree as she admired its beauty.  “You are the most beautiful tree I have ever seen”, she told the Magnolia.  “Beauty of the soul” came the reply.  She shook her head in amazement.  The tree had spoken to her with great clarity which she had not experienced in the past.  Willow had always known that in her own way, she could speak with animals, but she had never thought of being able to speak so clearly with trees.  Along with hearing the voice that came from the tree, she had seen a vision of what the tree had said in the form of printed words.  Willow smiled and giggled with her newfound ability!  The tree’s words were extremely wise.  She moved to sit across from the tree so she could see it fully while thinking of the trees words….”beauty of the soul”….yes, the tree was correct.  Soul beauty is truly more valuable than physical beauty.  She vowed to remember these words always in everything she did.

The sun was setting and it was time for Willow to leave the forest to return home.  As she stood up, there in front of her was a small, but extremely powerful beam of light.  She shielded her eyes from the brightness in order to take a closer look at what was before her.  It was a tiny and dainty being of light.  The Devic kingdom had made themselves known to her!  The little being of light resembled the pictures of the beautiful fairies that she had seen in storybooks as a young child.  This being was one of the little nature people, an enchanted little light being, often referred to as a Deva.  The Deva began speaking to Willow telling her that she was one of many Devas who are caretakers of the forest.  The Deva explained that they knew Willow had a great love for nature, and because of her wish to be able to give healing when required, the Devas had come to help make her dream come true.

The Deva began to explain to Willow that everything that lives in nature, whether it is a tree, flower or a rock, has its own Deva; its own tiny being of great light that looks after it.  Devas provide protection and nourishment.  The Deva suggested that Willow continue her walk home and once there that she should rest for the night.  The Deva told Willow that this would be a very special night; a night she would remember always and a night that would change her life forever.  The Deva explained that while she relaxed, the Devic Kingdom would be performing a very special and ancient ritual.  This ritual would be for Willow and it would give her the ability and knowledge to satisfy her strong desire to give healing to her nature friends.  The Devas would be gifting her with special healing energies that would become part of her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self; a ritual that would further open Willow’s non-physical energy centres called chakras.  The chakra centres would soon be vibrating at a much faster rate and at a higher frequency than before.  The colours related to each of Willow’s seven main chakra centres; purple, indigo, pale blue, green, yellow, orange and red, would become much more vibrant.  This opening would allow the Universal life force healing energies of love and wisdom to surge through her entire being.  With these stronger energies, Willow would be able to offer intense healing to others and herself.  Willow accepted the offer with grace.

She crossed the meadow for home in nightfall.  Dragonflies flitted back and forth through the long silver shafts of moonbeams pouring down from the glowing moon.  She was anxious to get home to receive the gifts she had been promised by the Devas, but first she must stop and admire this large silver light in the sky above.  Willow had always been intrigued by the moon and felt a great bond with it.

Later that night as Willow lie her head on her soft fluffy pillow, in the centre of the forest the Devas danced gleefully in a circle of celebration preparing for the special ritual.  Willow was feeling very peaceful as she began to receive the very beautiful and powerful energies she had been promised.  As the energies flowed from the highest and purest Universal light source, Willow drifted and floated while experiencing indescribable sensations.  Visions of exquisite colours engulfed her; colours she had never seen.  Then, in the distance, she watched as a rose coloured mist swirled gently and rhythmically.  Through the mist came the sound of lightly jingling bells.  Out of the mist pranced a majestic white horse with long purple ribbons flowing from her silvery white mane.  Her tail rippled like silk in a gentle breeze as she cantered directly to Willow.  The horse began to neigh and whinny as Willow watched and then felt the energy of thousands of tiny golden stars tumbling down to cover her.  The horse was bringing Willow’s attention to this heavenly event.  Willow knew that the Devas had sent this gorgeous creature to give her what she required to heal the animals.  The feeling was unlike anything she had ever experienced!  Willow felt she had been blessed with a warm fountain of love and peace.  This wonderful animal had a very important message for her.  She was giving Willow a message of love, healing and forgiveness of self and for all.  It was then that she realized that she was able to receive the horse’s thoughts and understood the offerings she brought to her.  Willow knew that the golden stars were significant and that they were filled with great healing powers.  The horse bowed to Willow three times, spun around and, with a flick of her tail, began to slowly and smoothly trot away.  She moved as though she had wings and Willow saw that the horse’s hooves had not once touched the ground.  There, hanging in mid-air, was a golden star in place of each footstep.  She knew that all of this was important for her to remember.  Willow had received the message and the horse was gone.

Chapter III – The Awakening

Willow began to open her eyes slowly wondering how much time had passed and if it had all been a dream.  It felt so very real!  She knew there were no words to describe this experience.  Instead, she chose to lie quietly awhile, remembering how the tiny golden stars rained down onto her from the heavens above, the radiant colours she had seen, the feeling of the warm pulsating energy rippling through and around her slight body and the stars left behind in the horse’s footsteps.  As she fully awoke she heard the birds of a new day chirping and the sun was beginning to shine brightly.  Everything appeared to be unusually bright.  As she sat up, there on the floor next to her bed, was a long piece of silky white horse mane with a small shiny purple satin ribbon attached to it complete with a miniature silver bell – it had not been a dream and the Devas had fulfilled their promise to her!  What a wonderful forever keepsake of a very special night.

Allowing the early morning breeze to enter while opening the shutters of her tiny wooden cottage, Willow continued to stretch as she welcomed in the hot rays of the sun.  As lovely as it always was, today was lovelier still!  The soft essence of Jasmine spoke to her as the fragrance floated past her nose and into her room.

Willow pulled herself away from all of these new feelings she was experiencing as she ran off to the kitchen to eat breakfast.  She knew she would be hungry if she didn’t first eat a healthy meal of porridge and fruit.  She had planned to wander through the forest today and did not want to waste any time in getting there.  As she ate she thought of the joy it would bring to her nature friends when she told them of her new gift and how she would be able to help them.  Secretly, Willow also hoped that she would see the little Deva again as she wanted to thank her and the entire Kingdom for their loving gift.

As she readied to go out for the day, she caught a glimpse of herself in the looking glass.  Why did everything, including herself, look so different?  She couldn’t get the question out of her mind.  Her amber eyes sparkled like diamonds in the sun and her skin was aglow!  She felt that her intuition had increased since receiving last night’s gift from the Devas, but she needed time to learn more about this.  Healing energies were now running full force through her entire body.  That is why she looked and felt so wonderfully different.  She did not understand it fully, as yet, but she was happy and excited about all that she was feeling and seeing.

This would be the day that an exciting new world would be revealed to her – a day that would not have happened without first experiencing the Deva’s gift.

Chapter IV – The Feather

While crossing a luscious green field that was bursting with wildflowers, Hawk swooped down in front of her, attempting to get Willow’s attention.  Again he tried, but again with no success.  Today Willow was just too caught up in the magnificence of nature that surrounded her.

Willow walked towards a Cherry tree covered with delicate pink blossoms.  As she approached the tree Willow saw that the ground was carpeted with fallen flower petals.  She felt a sense of sadness and loss while pondering the strewn petals on the ground before her.  Then the tree spoke to her saying, “It is not always exactly as it looks.  Flower petals seemingly scattered on the ground are wishes of love to all who come close”.  Rather, Willow realized this was a happy occasion and nothing to be sad over.

Willow merrily continued her walk across the field.  The sight of a feather that appeared to be drifting down from the heights of the heavens caught her eye.  Willow watched the feather as it ever so slowly and gently floated back and forth through the sky, zigging and zagging from one side to the other, making its way to her feet.  Willow was about to learn the significance of feather energy.  She had not fully realized that feathers come with their own magical powers and that each and every feather is magical.  This magic is obvious when one remembers from where they have come from.

Willow held this treasure in her hands and she studied its appearance.  She noted its lovely grey and white colour and paid special attention to how it glistened in the sunlight.  Indeed it was a wonderful gift!  She was quite intrigued and so focused on examining the feather that Hawk startled her as he landed on the rock beside her.  “Hello”, Willow said.  Hawk projected an image to Willow as he sat listening to her soft voice.  Hawk showed her an image of himself flying with a feather falling from his body that was floating down to her.  Hawk wanted to see if Willow would understand.  “Oh!” Willow said to Hawk, “You are the one who gifted me with this lovely feather, thank you!  Willow had always believed that the sky to be the element of Spirit, thus having a Hawk feather meant a close connection between the physical world and that of Spirit.  As she held the feather between her palms, she felt something familiar.  It was that special feeling she had experienced last night while receiving the many magnificent healing gifts given to her by the Devas.  What did this mean and why was she feeling it again while holding this feather?  She turned and gazed into Hawk’s piercing eyes.  His great wisdom was clear and could not be mistaken.  It was at this exact moment in time that Willow knew she would find the answers to her many questions.  Hawk presented her with numerous images explaining to her that his feather would be another tool for her to use along with her newly enhanced gift of healing.  He showed her how to place the feather on an injured area of an animal or bird to assist them with their healing.  He began to show her how, when the feather is twirled around an animal’s body an uneven number of times, that it helps to lift and open the animal’s aura to allow the release of negative energies that may be causing them illness or discomfort.  It is even more powerful when visualization with the intent to cleanse and heal is used along with it.  Hawk reminded Willow of the message she had received from the white horse last night.  He told her she should always remember to visualize many tiny golden stars raining down onto the animal or bird in need.  Hawk went on to tell Willow, that as she suspected, the golden stars do contain very special healing energies.  Hawk finished by telling her that when a healing session is complete the feather is used to smooth the aura back into place.

Willow thanked Hawk for the lesson as she tucked her special healing feather into the depths of her pocket so she would not lose it.

But Hawk was not about to fly away.  “Willow,” asked Hawk, “would you like to come with me to a very special place of learning?”  This was a place unknown to her.  She was thrilled with the invitation and gladly accepted.  Hawk told her to follow him and to stay very close.  He went on to tell her that the place they were going to is the safest place on earth and that everything she saw there she would remember and be able to use to help the animal kingdom and all of nature.  Willow was anxious to go!

Chapter V – The Crystal Forest

Together they made their way across the open field to the edge of a forest to an area that appeared very different and unrecognizable to Willow.  As they entered into the shade of a tree-covered canopy, all of nature began to appear unique and in no way similar to anything Willow had ever seen before.  The further she walked the more definition it took on.  Willow could feel that she had entered a very sacred place.

The tree leaves were no longer tree leaves as Willow knew them to be.  Each one had been transformed into varying sizes of the greenest crystals she had ever seen.  Hawk told her they were emeralds!  Their deep green colour was exquisite!  She looked around to see that the cascading yellow flowers of the Wisteria tree were in fact yellow topaz gems.  The gentle Bluebell flowers had turned into glistening sapphires.  The tiny drops of dew were forming on the tips of each blade of grass were now miniature clear quartz crystals.  As Hawk landed on a branch laden with amethyst crystals he turned to Willow and said, “Welcome to the Crystal Forest”.  He explained that this forest, like all forests, was a very magical and mystical place.  He nodded his head signalling for her to look to her right where in the distance she could see a cave with a faint glimmer of light streaming from its entrance way.  Willow wondered what secrets were behind those walls.

Willow told Hawk she felt truly blessed to have been allowed to enter the Crystal Forest.  Hawk said, “Because of the love and kindness you have always shown your animal and bird friends, this is our gift to you dear one.”  Willow experienced a feeling of deep peace as Hawk looked deeply into her eyes.  She felt as though Hawk was touching her very soul.  Tears came to her eyes and she knew that she had felt grace.  Hawk began, “Dearest Willow, I have been sent to be your guide in the Crystal Forest and to remain with you as we enter into the Sacred Cave of Wisdom – a sanctuary that is home to many chambers that hold healing secrets of the ancients.  The walls of these healing chambers within the Sacred Cave teach all those who desire to learn as you do.  This is your birthright.  During the next seven days you will learn that which you have been yearning for.  When it is complete you will remember all.  And, you may call me Hawk.”

Chapter VI – The Sacred Cave

Hawk motioned for Willow to walk alongside him as fireflies lit their way and the crescent moon grew more visible in the magenta sky.  Willow’s heart beat faster and faster with excitement as they approached the entrance of the Sacred Cave.  This is what she had been waiting for her entire life.

As they entered the Sacred Cave Willow briefly experienced a scent of sweetness in the air.  The cave was large, much larger than it had appeared from the outside.  Hawk pointed out many long winding hallways telling Willow that each led to a different healing chamber – chambers of great knowledge that were located deep within the cave.  For now, she and Hawk remained in the large open area just inside the cave.  The area felt very warm and welcoming to her.  The essence she had smelled upon entering now filled the entire room and it was lovely.  A vast number of tiny candles illuminated the inside of the cave with a soft glow while the soothing beat of an evenly paced drum could be heard in the distance.  It was very rhythmic, like that of a heartbeat, and she felt at peace with it.  She wondered if she and Hawk were the only ones in the cave.  Hawk invited her to take a seat and to rest awhile.  Willow chose to sit on a colourful woven blanket that lay strewn on the soft sand floor.  Willow sighed as she leaned back against the cave wall becoming even more comfortable.  “I do feel as though I am in heaven Hawk”.  Hawk grinned to himself thinking how Willow’s comments were so very close to the truth.

While Willow rested Hawk poured her a warm cup of herbal drink and then suggested she take a little nap.  It had been a long day for her and there was more to come.  Hawk began to sing “Hushaby, hushaby little darling one”.  Willow found herself being lulled to sleep as she drifted off into dreamland while the day’s events came into her vision and she was pleased.

Willow awoke a short while later feeling very refreshed.  Hawk had not left her side and now he was asking her if she was ready to continue with her journey, and she was.  Hawk explained to Willow that he would be taking her into the many chambers and that each one had a story to tell – a lesson for her.  She was ready!

Chapter VII – Silver Morn’s Miracle

First they would visit the Chamber of Horse Healing. Hawk asked Willow to make herself comfortable as soon they would begin.  While Willow waited she began to feel the familiar flow of energy similar to what she had experienced during the ritual performed by the Devas and she loved it. Her body became very relaxed, yet her awareness was growing and she saw that the chamber began to fill with a lovely mist of pastel colours that hung in mid-air.  The colours began to gently swirl around and around and around.  It was mesmerizing.  Then, out of the mist came a vision, a lovely white horse.  A horse that looked very much like the horse that had been sent by the Devas to bring Willow the tiny golden stars of special healing energies.  Hawk told Willow that the horse’s name was Silver Morn.  Willow replied saying, “Silver Morn. I love her name.  She looks very sweet”.  Hawk agreed that indeed she was a sweet girl.  Willow asked, “Do you think she would mind if I nicknamed her Sugar?” Hawk told Willow that he thought the horse would be touched with a nickname so lovely.

Willow felt as though she was watching Sugar through a window.  She could almost touch her.  She could see that Sugar was not well.  Her eyes looked dull, her body looked listless and she could see there were three large lumps about the size of a human’s fist under her belly.  “Oh dear”, thought Willow when into the vision walked a woman who appeared to know Sugar.  The woman quietly and gently placed the palms of both of her hands directly onto the lumps on Sugar’s belly.  Willow watched intently.  What would happen?  After a short while, the woman moved both of her hands onto Sugar’s side.  The woman began to speak.  She spoke words that asked for healing for Sugar.  She asked that all things negative and not serving the highest good for Sugar be released and that all things positive and from the purest light source be given to the horse now.  The woman asked for healing that would serve only the highest good of the horse.  The woman repeated the words over and over so that it sounded like a prayer that was being chanted.  Suddenly, where the woman’s hands were lying, five very long thin beams of light appeared as spikes protruding outwards from the horse’s side.  The spikes of light were a soft pale green.  The woman continued her chant.  Willow noticed that the woman grew increasingly emotional with every word. The spikes of light changed from pale green colour to a subtle shade of lilac.  The woman continued her chanting prayer.  The spikes of light then changed from the lilac colour to the purest and brightest sparkling white Willow had ever seen!  The light was blinding.  Willow fell back in total amazement of such beauty!  The woman stopped her chant and walked away as the horse faded back into the mist.

Willow looked at Hawk for an explanation.  Hawk motioned to her to be very quiet and to continue watching.  A few moments had passed when the horse reappeared from the mist.  Willow could see that the large lumps on the horses’ belly were gone!  The horse had been healed, but what did the colours of the spikes of light mean?  How did the woman do this with her hands?  Hawk explained that she had witnessed a miracle.  He went on to tell her that the colour green represented the healing energies that were being given to the horse, lilac represented a connection with Spirit, the source of the healing energies, and the very bright white light indicated the healing was complete.  The woman had been able to access these special healing energies and, through her hands, these energies had been placed into Sugar’s body to give her the healing she required.  Hawk told Willow that it was important for her to know that the woman did not do this alone.  Working with the woman were very special and magical energies from Spirit.  They guided her and together they acted as a team!

Willow was beside herself with excitement!

Hawk told her that next they would go to the Chamber of Cat Healing.  It had been a very long day for Willow and she was beginning to tire.  She knew the next chamber would have to wait until tomorrow.  Willow agreed that all of the excitement had tired her, but still she was anxious for what tomorrow would bring.

Chapter VIII – Mona’s Special Thank You

After a good night’s rest Willow was refreshed and eager to learn more.  She and Hawk were on their way to the Chamber of Cat Healing.  Inside the chamber Willow took a seat and once again she began to feel the familiar energies envelope her.  The coloured mist began to spin, then parted and a vision appeared.

Inside a busy marketplace sat a dainty little tabby cat by the name of Mona.  A woman, the same woman she had seen with Sugar in the Horse Healing Chamber, had stopped to pet and say hello to Mona.  She saw that Mona’s left eye was almost completely closed and that it was watering profusely.  The woman began to stroke Mona’s back as the cat lay down fully to stretch out.  The woman cupped the tiny cat’s head in her hands ensuring that one hand always covered Mona’s sore eye.  Willow could see a soft white light coming from the woman’s hands and it was flowing directly into Mona’s sore eye.  Willow noted that she had not seen light coming directly from the woman’s hands when she was with Sugar.  The woman began to scratch under Mona’s chin with her thumbs as Mona purred happily.  Mona thanked the woman by licking the woman’s hands.  Another person appeared in the vision – a person who was working in the marketplace.  Willow heard the woman say to the worker that Mona appeared to have an eye infection.  The worker replied, “Oh no, it’s just watering” and proceeded to rub the water away from Mona’s eye with her sleeve.  Upon doing so little Mona cried, as it was painful.  The woman giving the healing was about to leave, but before doing so, Willow heard her talking to ‘someone’, although no one was visible to her.  She was asking for healing from the purest light source for Mona so her eye could be healed.  This was a prayer.  Willow watched the woman leave the marketplace.  She took a last look back at Mona.  Willow saw a very bright white light surrounding Mona.  What could this be?  Could anyone else see it?  A high intensity of the white light was flowing directly to Mona’s sore eye.  This must be the healing the woman had asked for before leaving.  Willow was witnessing distant healing from Spirit.  The woman vanished from the vision and Mona also disappeared into the mist.  Again Willow looked at Hawk.  Hawk once again nodded for Willow to wait in silence.  The woman returned to the vision in another part of the marketplace.  Willow could see that she was thinking deeply about Mona.  She wondered where Mona was and how she was.  As the woman rounded a corner, there sat Mona in the doorway waiting for her.  Mona had received the woman’s thoughts and knew that she needed to show herself.  Instantly the woman saw Mona’s two BIG round and wide-open eyes looking at her.  Mona was smiling and her left eye was “perfect”!  The woman crouched down, picked up Mona, placed her on her lap and began to stroke her.  They chatted and cuddled for a few moments.  Mona licked the woman’s hands, looked into her eyes and softly and sweetly meowed ‘thank you’.  The woman softly kissed Mona on the forehead and then set her down.  The vision again faded.  Mona had been healed.

After experiencing Mona’s healing, Willow was very anxious to see what awaited her next in the Chamber of Bird Healing, but she knew this would not be until tomorrow.  Those were Hawks instructions and he was her guide.  He had told her that she would visit a different chamber every day over seven days and he knew what was best for her.  Hawk lit a few more candles and prepared a lovely bed for Willow.  He brought her a cup of warm herbal drink to sip on along with a light snack of freshly picked fruit.  Willow’s favourite!

Hawk told Willow that she needed time to process everything she had seen and had been taught today and that he would stay by her side while she rested.  After finishing her food and drink she felt herself slipping into a warm state of relaxation as she gently faded off into a deep sleep.

As Willow slept the events of the day played over and over in her head.  It was wonderful to have a second chance to view it all again!  This time she realized that she was seeing each detail even more clearly than before and she would remember all that she had been shown and taught.  This was not by chance though.  Telepathically Hawk was continuing to teach Willow while she slept.

Chapter IX – Gulls and Geese from a Bird’s-Eye View

Willow woke with great excitement to day three of her journey.  She would be visiting the Chamber of Bird Healing – a visit that would be quite different from what she had seen so far.

As the mist cleared, she saw the same woman that had been in the previous chambers.  She was sitting high upon a hillside that overlooked a lush green valley.  You might say that she had a “bird’s-eye view” of the entire area.  She watched very intently as a number of Seagulls circled something in the meadow below.

Willow looked closer and saw a nesting pair of Canada Geese.  The gulls circled closer and closer.  It was obvious that the male goose was trying to protect his family by squawking loudly at the gulls in a hope that they would leave.  The goose was very upset and concerned for his family’s safety.  The woman felt uneasy at what she was seeing and she became anxious for the well-being of the baby geese and their mother.

Willow watched closely as the woman’s posture changed ever so slightly. Her back straightened and her face looked up to the sky.  Willow saw that the woman began to focus her whole being on the meadow below and the geese.  Willow could actually see the woman’s thoughts as she was doing this.  Through visualization, the woman had invited in a ring of white light to surround the meadow.  When this was done, Willow heard her asking that the geese and their young be protected from the diving gulls.  Again, Willow knew that the woman was speaking to Spirit.  A couple of short minutes had passed when the gulls turned and flew away leaving the geese alone.  Willow knew that the ring of white light had put up a special barrier of energy that signalled the gulls to move on and, in turn, gave needed protection to the geese. The geese were now comfortable and no longer threatened.

Willow was amazed at how thought and visualization played such an important role.  Surely this also meant that visualization would play an important part in all that we do and in how we live our life.  The Chamber of Bird Healing had taught Willow that there are many forms of healing and one of them is in the form of protection.  She began to wonder who the woman was that she was seeing in each of the chambers and how did this woman attain this wisdom.  For now, Willow thought that she would lovingly refer to the woman as the “animal healer”.  Willow knew that the animal healer was definitely the person she would like most to emulate in her life’s work.

Hawk motioned that it was time for them to leave the chamber.  Willow wondered if they would be visiting a second chamber today, but Hawk had other plans.  He suggested that Willow take extra time to seriously contemplate the lesson she had just received as it was an extremely important one.  Hawk could not express in words the importance of thoughts and how they affect ourselves, and those around us.  This was a lesson that much of humanity needed to learn and he hoped that Willow would teach it to many in the years to come.

Chapter X – Sheena’s Devotion

Willow did as Hawk had requested.  The gulls and geese had taught her much and for that she would be forever grateful. A new day was dawning as Willow and Hawk approached the Chamber of Animal Communication.  There, as the mist cleared, was the same animal healer Willow had come to recognize.  She was looking very serene as she lit a white candle.  Once the candle was lit, she took her place on the soft green grass sitting cross-legged, closed her eyes and her arms began to move as though she was performing a ritualistic dance.  These movements continued for some time. The woman was verbalizing something Willow could not quite understand.  It was similar to the chant-like prayer she had performed with Sugar the horse.  This time she was speaking to a dog, but the dog was not physically with her.  Willow could see by the picture sitting in front of the woman that the dog was a beautiful husky by the name of Sheena.  Hawk told Willow that Sheena had not eaten for a few days and her human companions were very concerned for her.  A thorough medical examination showed that she was not ill. As the animal healer continued her movements and chanting, Willow saw that the woman’s arm movements turned into the wings of a bird soaring ever so gracefully.  Willow began to see clear images coming from the animal healer’s thoughts as she transformed herself into the bird and flew to and around Sheena.  Willow saw that the animal healer was listening closely.  She had asked Sheena why she was not eating.  Sheena told the woman that she had a feeling of great sadness, but the sadness was not rightfully linked to her.  Sheena asked the animal healer to give her human companions, a husband and wife, a message.  She asked her to remind them of love and respect for themselves and that they look after their health.  Sheena went on to communicate that one of them was feeling something deep in the pit of their stomach and down into the intestinal area.  Sheena wanted them to know that she loved them both very much and that she knew they too loved her.  Sheena went on to communicate that one of her human needed to seek medical attention and that it was urgent they do so.  Sheena insisted that they would know what she was talking about. The woman wrote down everything that she had received from Sheena.  She did not want to miss a word of it for every bit was important for Sheena’s companions to hear.

The mist covered over the scene briefly and then broke to show a new vision.  The animal healer had communicated Sheena’s message to her human companions, and in doing so, the husband went to the hospital to seek medical attention where he spent several hours receiving emergency treatment.  He had been suffering intestinal pain for some time, but had told no one.  Sheena knew!  The doctors found he had an intestinal inflammation that required medication.  Although he thought he had kept his pain to himself, through Sheena’s devotion, she had attempted to take his illness from him.

Willow thought it was amazing that animals would go through such great suffering in order to help heal their humans and to also show their human companions that they need to take action for themselves.  Something else came to her that she had almost forgotten.  The animal healer had been communicating with Sheena at a great distance as Sheena lived across the ocean in a far-off northern land.  This was telepathic communication at its best!  Willow knew animal communication was a very important skill.  It was something she definitely wanted to learn more about and secretly she hoped to do so sooner than later as she longed to try it herself! But, that would have to wait for another day.  Day five was quickly approaching and Willow wondered what was in store for her.

Chapter XI – Sammy’s Love

On day five, Hawk announced that they would be spending the day in the Chamber of Clearings by Spirit.  The coloured mist was lifting once again and there sat the little tortoiseshell cat Sammy.  Hawk told Willow that Sammy’s stomach was bloated and that almost overnight she had become very thin.  She would not eat or use her litter box.  Willow noted that the animal healer was present once again.  Hawk told Willow that like Sheena, Sammy too lived a distance away.  In fact, the animal healer and Sammy were an entire country apart.  He went on to explain that the animal healer was going to “send” Sammy a deep healing and it was something she called a ‘Clearing by Spirit’.  Hawk explained that clearings and animal communication are often used together and he suggested that she watch very closely.  Again Willow was reminded that this clearing would be sent a great distance.

The woman began the clearing ritual with her usual chanting, lighting of a white candle and placing Sammy’s picture in front of her.  Willow heard the animal healer asking that all positive and sacred energies assist with the healing of little Sammy the cat.  The healer’s arms were moving in every direction and again she called out to the Creator for healing to occur.  The animal healer once again began to move her arms as though they were the wings of a bird and, briefly, Willow thought she saw the woman become the bird.  Yes, she could see clearly that the animal healer had transformed herself into a beautiful white dove!  The essence of the dove soared a very long distance to Sammy.  When the dove arrived she soared around Sammy’s shoulder and neck area three times in a counter-clockwise direction.  Then the dove flew to the top of Sammy’s head to her crown area, hovered briefly, and then flew from Sammy’s crown down the entire length of the front of Sammy’s body.  Once complete, the dove began to circle Sammy’s body three times in a clockwise direction at approximately hip level.

Hawk asked if Willow had noticed the details of what the dove had done and she said that she had.  It reminded her of a beautifully choreographed dance and it was a sight to behold.

During the clearing Sammy showed the animal healer her sadness and all that was upsetting Sammy.  The animal healer explained to Sammy that the son loved her just as much as ever and that nothing had changed!  The woman asked if Sammy would reconsider her feelings and Sammy said she would try.  Willow wondered what all of this meant.

Although the clearing was now complete, the story continued to unravel and soon Willow’s question would be answered.

Willow was being shown that Sammy’s human’s eldest son had moved back into the family home and had brought with him a cat by the name of Li’l Bit.  Sammy had always been very enamored with the son and still was.  He was her love.  Willow noted that the son’s cat, Li’l Bit, even looked like Sammy!  Willow saw that every time Li’l Bit came into a room Sammy growled and hissed and then ran to her human’s bedroom where she would hide under the bed.  Hawk explained to Willow that Sammy was so upset about him bringing home Li’l Bit, that she no longer allowed her human to pet her, hold her or love her.  Sammy would not eat and was becoming ill.  Both Sammy and her human were miserable.

The mist covered the images briefly and then parted to expose a new vision.

As Willow watched the vision of the morning after the clearing she saw that something had changed.  Sammy had come out of hiding for treats and she had eaten her breakfast and also used her litter box.  On her return home from work that night, Sammy and Li’l Bit were sitting together at the door waiting for her!  Sammy had come to terms with the situation and with Li’l Bit.

Willow found it interesting how Sammy seemed to mellow whenever Sammy’s human showed her an image of the animal healer who had sent her the clearing.  It was clear that although this healing had taken place a great distance away, Sammy recognized the essence of the animal healer who had communicated with her.  This was all very amazing for Willow.

 Willow’s head was spinning with knowledge.  This is what she had wished for all of her life.  She was overcome with joy and emotion.  As she wept she wondered how she could ever thank Hawk and all those involved with gifting her with these precious teachings.

Chapter XII – Star’s Journey Home

Willow and Hawk were now on their way to the Chamber of the Rainbow Bridge.  Willow took her usual position as she awaited her next lesson.  This would be a very emotional lesson for her, but a lesson that might be one of the most important of all and it needed to be taught.

As the mist cleared once again, there was a vision of early morning on a cool wet day.  She watched as the animal healer walked through her favourite little park.  Willow was told by Hawk that the healer knew that today was the day that she would be present as her little dog friend Star would pass to Spirit.  It weighed heavy on her heart.  She would miss Star.  As she contemplated the thought she heard the words, ‘a new life awaits’ and she knew this would be true for her little friend.

The rainy morning turned into a late afternoon full of sun that shone brightly in the sky.  Star sat on the animal doctor’s examination table.  She sat very still as her leg was shaved in preparation for the injection that would end her physical life as we know it.  The animal healer gave Star a kiss on her wet nose and quietly started to cry.  She looked into Star’s eyes and she heard Star say a very clear and confident, ‘It’s ok.’

As the animal doctor proceeded with the task at hand, Star’s human companion held her lovingly.  The animal healer took a permanent position standing directly in front of Star so she could look directly and deeply into her eyes.  Star did not take her gaze away from the animal healer.  Their eyes were locked as one.  The animal healer was remembering what her good friend had told her earlier that day, “Be brave.  Make sure the last thing she sees is you smiling.”  Crossing the rainbow bridge is often the only form of healing that is possible and in this case it was so.

Although the tears streamed down the animal healer’s cheeks, and with the biggest smile she could muster, she whispered to Star saying, “We all love you sweetie.  You are a very sweet girl and you are so brave.  You are a beautiful girl and we thank you for everything you have taught us”.  Star did not bat an eyelash as she continued to stare into the animal healer’s eyes until her little body slowing slumped onto the table.

What Willow saw in the depths of Star’s beautiful dark brown eyes was strength, peace, a knowing that it was ok, serenity, total commitment, conviction and contentment.  There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that little ‘Star girl’ was ready to continue her journey.

It was over.  Star’s human and the animal healer were left stroking Star’s soft coat.  They encouraged Star’s dog companion Bullet to sniff her to confirm her transition as this would help with Bullet’s healing.  They each gave Star a kiss on the top of the head and the animal healer told her once again that they all loved her.

As the animal healer proceeded to leave the room she again softly petted Star on the top of her head and whispered to her, “With God speed”.  Walking to the door, and taking one last look over her shoulder before closing the door behind her, she saw an empty room except for the animal doctor, who had been so comforting to them all.  She was wrapping Star in the very fitting rainbow coloured blanket that she had been sitting on and then picked her up in her arms ever so gently.

Willow would never forget what she saw in those eyes.  It was something she had never before experienced and, now it was very obvious why the animal healer had been invited to take part in Star’s crossing.  The animal healer and Willow had both learned a valuable lesson from Star – the huge importance of listening to and the honouring of all animals at this stage of their being, witnessing their strength and the knowingness they exude, but above all, feeling their absolute connection with the Divine.

That night the animal healer lay in her bed thinking about Star.  Willow saw that the woman was feeling a strong urge to get up.  She did so and went over to the window, peeked through it and looked up into the sky.  There, straight ahead of her, appeared a lone star.  Tonight it was the most important star in the night sky.  The woman knew Star had crossed the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and she had arrived home safely.

Willow’s heart had been touched and a tear rolled down her cheek as the story seemed to end, but once again, the mist cleared to reveal more.

The animal healer reappeared and Willow saw immediately that she was communicating telepathically with Star.  Willow was able to recognize this from what she had learned previously.  Willow listened carefully and watched very closely as she was being taken back a few days prior to Star’s passing.  The animal healer had connected telepathically with Star to find out the correct day for Star to transition.  Star told her it would be Tuesday, which it was.  At that time she asked Star if she would like a ritual performed in honour of her transition.  Star began to show her the following images.

Star asked the rituals to begin at dinner the evening before the day she was to transition to Spirit.  Her human was told that candlelight and a dozen red roses were in order as Star sat on a chair at the dining room table eating a meal of baked pork chops.

Star asked for a special ritual to be done at the animal doctor’s office.  All of the requested items were laid out; the white candle had been lit and the single red rose and feathers were placed close by.  Star asked that her companion’s friend, the animal healer, be present.  But there was more.  The animal healer had three companion animals that lived with her and they each conveyed that something of theirs be present during the transition.  The animal healer’s horse, Sugar, which Willow knew from the Horse Healing Chamber, had sent a lock of her long white flowing tail, and her two very energy aware cats, Jazz and Tango, had sent one of their favourite toys.  Star’s companion was asked to read a special prayer during the transition.  Star’s dog friend and housemate, Bullet, stayed close as it was important for him to do so.  Star asked that the animal healer use a Hawk feather, when the time was right, to assist with the rising of her spirit from the physical body.  And so it was.  As Star’s physical body began to slump to the table the animal healer whisked the feather around her body a number of times in a spiral motion.  Higher and higher went the spiral until all had been released.  Willow thought how interesting it was that the animal healer was using a “hawk” feather!

Star had also asked for a poem to be read and after the reading she asked that the animal healer chime the Tibetan Tingshas, sacred brass chimes, three times as a blessing of the transition to Spirit.  It was so.

Star asked that one more thing be done once her remains had been returned to her human companion.  She asked that her remains be placed on a bed of scattered red rose petals under her favourite tree.  Once done, she requested that her human sing to her the song, “When You Wish Upon A Star”.

Willow noted that all of the above had been carried out as Star had requested and it was truly a sight of beauty.  With all requests met, she saw that Star had cleared to Spirit quickly and smoothly.  She also noted that intense healing was taking place for Star’s human companion and all those involved.

Willow learned from this that animals, when given the opportunity, will tell you what ritual they would like and she could now see the importance of fulfilling these requests.  Hawk explained that the rituals are used to honour the animal that is transitioning, but they are also used for the healing of the animal’s human companion who is left behind in a state of grief.  Willow already knew that animals teach us so very much and they are our greatest healers.  Hawk went on to tell Willow that when animals are born they intuitively ‘know’ who they are and why they are here.  Whereas, humans need to ‘learn’ who they are and why they are here.

Willow told Hawk that people are very lucky to have animals to guide and care for them.  She also thought that it had not been a coincidence that the dog named Star was the one she had learned so very much from.  She thought about the tiny golden stars with great healing powers that the magical white horse had brought her from the Devas.  Willow wept from the love and beauty she felt within her soul.

Chapter XIII – Honouring the Seasons

Day seven!  Willow wondered what her last day here would bring as Hawk announced that it was time for them to visit the Chamber of the Seasons.  Willow was thrilled!  She knew that this chamber, like all of the other chambers, would be a very special place.  Hawk told her that she was about to experience the feel and smell of each season, and in so doing, she would be forever connected to them in a very unique way.  The seasons had always been truly magical for Willow.

Upon entering the candlelit chamber, Hawk asked Willow to prepare herself by sitting very quiet and still.

The candles had been extinguished.

The chamber grew very dark.

Willow thought how very different this chamber felt.  Behind her she sensed a dim light growing brighter and brighter, but as instructed by Hawk, she sat quietly and did not turn to look.  The bright light reminded her of a sunrise, yet it was different.  Hawk told her that light would act as a backdrop to illuminate the many breathtaking images she was about to see.  Soon she would begin to witness each and every season as it occurred!

Soft fluffy white snow of winter began to gently fall.  Snowflakes appeared to be falling directly from the stars as they slid effortlessly down shafts of moonbeams to her feet.  As she watched the white flakes cascading downwards, she sensed how relaxed she felt.  It was wonderful!  But, what was it she saw in the distance?  There under an overhang of thick white snow was a furry brown bear curled up in a ball.  He looked very adorable and cuddly as he lay there sleeping very soundly.  She knew that this would be his home during the cold winter months.

The snow had stopped falling as the night sky became more visible.  The sky was becoming brighter and brighter.  Willow admired the colourful soft streaks of green and yellow that swirled across the sky looking like that of an artist’s canvas splattered with colour.  Hawk explained that this was a known phenomenon called the “Northern Lights” with their official name being, “Aurora Borealis”.  As their name suggests, the Northern Lights are generally only visible in the winter months in the northern areas of the world.

As Willow watched, the colourful night sky began changing into a warmer looking topaz blue.  Vivid colours of newly sprouting flowers and vines were everywhere.  Flower buds were springing up from Mother Earth and opening up widely in front of Willow’s eyes.  She watched as they turned into a sea of colours – yellow, red, orange and violet!  The golden honeybees darted from one flower to the next while tiny butterflies flitted about.  Then came the warm spring rains.  Willow felt a light spray from the rains as she watched each plant soak up all it could while preparing for the hot sunny days of summer ahead.

Summer had arrived and the sun was shining brightly overhead.  The sun’s rays were blinding.  Willow could feel the lazy days of summer as she watched flowers come into full bloom.  Their welcome perfume floated to her on the wings of warm breezes.  Cats lounged in the hot sun, eventually moving to the shade in order to cool themselves.

The sun began to dim just slightly when she noticed the beginning of shades of red and gold on the trees.  The colours of autumn had arrived.  Ripe orange pumpkins appeared in a field.  Squirrels scurried along burying nuts in the ground readying their food supply for winter.  Willow recognized the Canada Geese as she watched them fly overhead in a “V” shape.  They were headed for warmer temperatures during the winter months that were fast approaching.

Spectacular, thought Willow, this is like clockwork.  This occurs every year right on schedule!  She had not previously noticed the seasons in such detail, but now she was truly in a state of amazement over all that she had seen.

Willow was also reminded of the 4 elements.

Willow watched the effects of wind on water as the surf pounded against the rocks on a beach.  She could almost feel the softness of the sand on her feet as she imagined herself standing next to the water’s edge.  Sand is the element of earth.  On the beach raged a blazing bonfire with crackling sounds of wood burning.  It gave off a colourful glow and she could feel its intense heat.  This was the element of fire.  It was in this chamber that Willow felt she had experienced Mother Nature with all her heart.

Tonight, Willow wished to honour nature by sleeping in the open under the stars and, accompanied by Hawk, she did!

Chapter XIV – Pickle Returns

Willow had learned so much from all of the chambers she had visited.  If the truth would be known, Willow was a little frightened.  Frightened that perhaps she could not remember or employ all that she had been shown.  Could she measure up?  After all, this was a huge responsibility, but she knew that it was her wish, her life’s dream and the reason why she was here.  She had fallen asleep thinking about how she would use everything that she had been taught.  With this thought so prominent in her mind just prior to drifting off to the realm of sleep, Willow once again was visited by Pickle, the little orange cat who had come to her during sleep so many times in the past.  Pickle was here to reinforce all that Willow had experienced and learned in the Sacred Cave of Wisdom.

While Willow slept, through dream form, Pickle guided Willow to meditate and to perform the distant healing and animal communication techniques she had been shown in the chambers.  The healing was being sent to Pickle himself.  Willow almost instantly felt her connection with Pickle.  She felt herself placing her consciousness inside of little Pickle’s body and while there, she gave Pickle the healing.  It came to her attention that while her consciousness was inside of Pickle, she was easily able to see out of his eyes and momentarily she felt like a cat!  This was a feeling that was very real and beyond words!

Willow continued with the meditation and the healing asking Pickle if he wanted to tell her something.  She did not get an answer.  She went on to ask him if there was anything he wanted to teach her.  Then the answer came.  She looked at the largely printed words that appeared in her mind’s eye directly in front of her that read, “TRUST IT”.

Willow began to wake up.  This time she understood what Pickle meant!  Although Willow had always had the desire to heal her animal friends, she had thought that she could not.  After having experienced the many teachings in the chambers, she now knew that she could do this.  This was the first time that she truly realized within herself that the gift of healing was truly her birthright and she was ready!  She thought back to where it had begun with the Devas performing their intense energy ritual on her.  After that she met Hawk and then on to the Sacred Cave of Wisdom with all of its healing chambers.  It had been a wondrous journey in healing for her.  One she could never forget.  Willow knew that due to her deep caring for all of nature that she had received these additional gifts of knowledge that came from the absolute highest source of love.  From that day forward Willow vowed to leave all of her doubts behind.  She knew she could help her animal friends.  Perhaps she could teach others how to heal nature too.  What an exciting thought!  She had so very much to look forward to and in doing so, but unbeknown to her, she would become a significant part of future healing miracles.

But it was not over.

Chapter XV – Come Fly With Me!

The following day Hawk informed Willow that they had one more thing they must do.  They would be going to a very special place.  Hawk explained that while in this special place Willow would receive a powerful healing for the purpose of intense purification of self.  Willow was more than ready.

It was time to leave.  Hawk turned to Willow, “Will you fly with me?”  “Fly with YOU Hawk?”, Willow asked.


Chapter XVI – Soaring With Hawk

Willow was ecstatic and barely able to utter the word ‘YES!’

Hawk told her that their journey would soon begin and that she should close her eyes just for a moment.  Willow closed her eyes tightly, and although it felt like a lifetime, she began to feel herself being moved and jostled around until she felt herself being perched high atop something that felt very warm and soft, yet sleek to the touch.  A soft breeze began to toss her hair about.  “Alright”, said Hawk, “you may open your eyes now”.  Willow was breathless when she found herself sitting on Hawk’s soft and powerful feathered shoulders.  They flew gently upwards into the sunny skies.  Hawk flapped his wings with such strength and power and then they began to soar.  Hawk’s mighty wings made an unforgettable swooshing sound.  She didn’t want this to end.  Then Willow thought…. “how could it be that I am flying with Hawk?  But, why not?”  After all, everything about Hawk was very magical and mystical!  Willow was flying with Hawk!

Willow looked at the ground below with great interest.  Such a unique vantage point was rare.  As she felt Hawk begin to fly downwards towards Mother Earth, she wished it could last forever.  Hawk flew lower and closer to the earth.  Willow could hear melodies of the sweetest music she had ever heard.  She looked around to see if she could see where it was coming from, but she could not.  Willow closed her eyes and enjoyed the sweetness of the tunes as the wind continued to blow across her face.  Hawks soaring lulled her into a place of peace and comfort.  As they flew closer to the earth Willow could see extraordinary coloured bubbles of music rising from each note that was played.

They had arrived.

As they landed on the top of a mountain Willow’s vision was filled with a field ablaze of ruby-red flowers.  “Welcome to Fire Mountain!” announced Hawk.

Chapter XVII – Sacred Healing Waters

Fire Mountain, so appropriately named thought Willow.  Hawk suggested that she might like to inhale the essence of the colour and absorb the feelings of peace and gratitude that she was now experiencing and she did.  She would remember this for all times.

As Willow stood looking around at this very mystical place, in the distance she saw a clear pool of sparkling sky blue water.  It looked so inviting.  Hawk saw Willow’s interest in the pool.  He suggested that perhaps she might like to take a closer look.  Upon their arrival at the pool’s edge she saw a blanket of ivory white lilies lying on the bank.  She turned and looked at Hawk and he replied, “It is for you…go ahead”.  Willow ducked behind some trailing overhead vines and slipped out of her clothes, draped the blanket of flowers around her and proceeded to enter the pool where she lowered herself into its warm bubbling water.  Leaning back against the bank she sighed as she started to relax.  The fragrance of the lilies and the caressing of the water felt wonderfully therapeutic to her.  Hawk looked at Willow and said, “Welcome to the sacred healing waters of Fire Mountain.  Here you will be cleansed of all things that do not serve your highest purpose.  When this is complete you will be in-filled with all that is healing, love and wisdom from the highest and purest light source of all.  This will ready you for your return home and it will allow you to move further along your pathway as a healer of animals and nature”.  Hawk suggested that she look ahead to the horizon.  Hanging in mid-air against a sapphire blue sky she saw a beautiful sparkling diamond shaped prism.  It was exquisite and very mesmerizing with its rainbow colours that shot forth from it.  Hawk asked Willow to focus her gaze on the prism and to clear her mind.  The rest would happen as it should.  Willow did exactly that and began to experience overwhelming feelings of tranquility and love as she never before felt.  She found herself entering a trance-like state as she looked without blinking at the colourful prism for an extended period of time.  Her entire being was feeling incredibly pliable and mellow.  She realized she could not feel her body and, although she was conscious and aware of all around her, she thought it must be a dream.  Willow wanted to stay in this lovely place forever!  As she came out of her trance-like state, she now saw in the sky directly above her, a large shimmering golden star and she smiled.  The glistening rays of the star protruded much further than she could imagine or see!  Pouring down from the star came thousands of tiny golden stars that rained lightly upon Willow.  The stars were bathing her in heavenly golden light.  Willow was familiar with the warm flowing energies from the tiny golden stars and she welcomed them.

Chapter XVIII – The Ice Palace of Light

Willow looked around her and saw that there were many large crystal points jutting through the surface of the pool’s water.  They were the largest crystals Willow had ever seen!  They seemed to rise from the depths of the pool and reach up to kiss the sky.  The crystals were of many beautiful colours – purple amethyst, rose quartz, shimmering white moonstone with its rainbow colours and the golden yellow of citrine, to name a few.  She knew that each one of these crystals have their own special quality and its own purpose, but she was not exactly sure how to use crystals for healing.  Hawk saw her wondering thoughts and began telepathically sending her the information she was searching for.

Hawk taught Willow that crystals, like feathers, can also be used with a healing session.  Amethyst is known as the “stone of peace” and strength and one of its many uses is that of protection.  Willow was also shown that rose quartz is the love stone!  It adds positive love energy, compassion and forgiveness.  Moonstone, with its many reflective rainbow colours, is known as the “Stone of Purity” and citrine is a stone for hoping and wishing and it enhances the body’s healing energy.

As Willow came out of her meditative state and began to regain more of her focus, she realized crystals would be very useful in her future healing sessions.  Willow saw that the prism that had been so gently hanging in the sky had been transformed into a sparkling clear quartz crystal palace.  It was majestic and it now sat at the far edge of the pool.  The palace appeared to be made of ice!  Hawk told her she was looking at the Ice Palace of Light and what she saw radiating through the ice was the sparkling of magnificent great white light healing energies that reflected the colours of a sun filled prism.  Curious thought Willow.  From where she sat across the pool she could feel great warmth exuding from the Ice Palace and it felt spectacular!  But how could ice be warm?

Hawk stated that things are not always as they appear, or as one thinks they are or should be.  The great warmth of the Ice Palace was one such example.  This was another wonderful lesson for Willow.  It was certainly wisdom that she would never forget.  Hawk went on to tell Willow that the palace represented the purest of love for all living things sharing our planet.  While she was in her meditative state, she had been receiving the many healing energies that had been projected to her from the Ice Palace and from the many crystals that were surrounding her in the pool.  Looking around, she saw many additional crystals sitting high upon boulders and hanging from nearby trees.  In many ways, this reminded her of the Crystal Forest.  A multitude of animals and birds were now surrounding the pool.  Hawk told her that they had come to greet and thank her for who she is and gift her with their healing energies – special energies from the world of the animal kingdom that would aid her greatly in her upcoming journey of healing.  Then they adorned her head with a wreath of soft purple lilacs and shimmering amethyst.

The soothing sound of the Snowy White Owl could be heard along with the sweet songs of the Nightingale.  The Chipmunks and Squirrels ran up and down trees chattering with excitement.  There, at the opposite end of the pool from Willow, floated a peaceful white Swan.  Coyotes sat atop a ledge with their noses pointing high in the air as they howled in celebration to the heavens above.  This was certainly the most beautiful choir Willow had ever heard.  In another direction, and on the highest most point of a garnet crystal tip, sat a Raven blacker than night.  Then, to Willow’s great surprise, she saw that the Devas were there too!  Willow watched as these lovely little light-beings danced across nearby floating lily pads.  Although invisible to Willow, the Devas had been at her side as she had visited each of the chambers.  They had made themselves invisible to her, but they had been by her side always.

“Follow me, dearest Willow”, whispered Hawk.

Chapter XIX – Fortune Favoured the Brave

Hawk told Willow there was something they needed do before leaving Fire Mountain.

Hawk escorted Willow into the Ice Palace of Light.  The pure and magical light of the many colours that emanated from the palace as they entered the Great Hall was blinding.  Once again came the familiar feeling of a powerful warm energy flow.  This was a feeling that Willow welcomed greatly and she felt truly blessed whenever she received it.

The Great Hall of the palace was exquisite in keeping with everything she had seen and been a part of during the past few days.  The palace walls glistened like diamonds.  On the floor in the center of the Great Hall Hawk pointed to a large mosaic.  Here a circle had been inlaid with many colourful crystals like the ones Willow had seen in the pool and in the Crystal Forest.  There were also many crystals that she had not yet seen or learned about.  Softly strewn across the mosaic of rainbow crystal colours were feathers!  They were the white feathers of the Swan she had met in the pool and they had been given to her from lovingly.  Hawk asked Willow to look closely at the beauty she saw in front of her and to remember it always for this was placed there specifically for her.  Hawk began to explain to Willow that the circle shape of the mosaic is a representation of the God-Goddess energies; it refracts and reflects all light, bringing Universal wisdom and protection.  A circle shape is the symbol of wholeness, the unending life force, and the unity of creation.  It is the beginning and the end of all things and it creates a balanced harmony between Spirit and the earth.

Willow felt divinely blessed to be honoured in this way and thanked Hawk for the wisdom that had been given her.  Hawk told her that it was their pleasure, as always, to assist her.  While lighting a large white candle, Hawk asked Willow if she would please seat herself in the midst of the lovely soft Swan feathers that covered the mosaic.  Still wrapped in the blanket of white lilies and donning her wreath of flowers and crystals, Willow did as Hawk requested.  She felt great warmth coming to her from all directions of the palace; the walls, the floor and the ceiling.  Willow could feel that the Ice Palace was made of loving warm energy and receiving this love was a great honour.

Willow’s many nature friends had entered the Ice Palace, and together with Hawk, they gathered around her.  Hawk presented Willow with a very special gift, a keepsake pendant that would assist in her journey of healing.  Willow was gifted with the ‘Sword of Destiny’ on which was written, ‘fortune favoured the brave.’

And, brave she was.  Willow’s healing journey would not be an easy one and the pendant would always remind her of all she had been taught.  It would also be a remembrance of her new nature friends she met while on her journey with Hawk and it would give her strength in the days ahead.

Holding the pendant she looked for words to describe the beautiful energy she felt being emitted from it, but there were no words.  The long and tapered silver sword lightly crisscrossed with copper was topped by the very powerful pentacle symbol, the upright five-pointed star, that nestled itself on a circular background of purple.  Willow was no stranger to the pentacle.  She knew that it was a symbol that had long been misunderstood by many, but in truth she knew in her heart that the pentacle was indeed a very sacred and ancient symbol representing Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit.  Because of its strong connection with nature, she loved it dearly and she would forever wear the ‘Sword of Destiny’ around her neck.

Chapter XX – Homeward Bound

The time had come for Willow to start thinking about her return home.  Although she felt very sad about leaving all of her new friends on Fire Mountain, she knew many others were waiting for her in and around the forest at home.  She could not begin to put into words how much she would miss dear Hawk.

After giving each and every one of her friends a very warm heartfelt hug, Willow bid them farewell.  Hawk motioned for her to hop onto his shoulders and they would be on their way.

As they travelled homewards, the memories of the days together with Hawk went through Willow’s head.  It had truly been a once in a lifetime experience.  Willow felt Hawk begin his descent to Mother Earth and sadness grew in her heart.  Over the days with Hawk as her guide, she had learned so much, and she loved him dearly.

They had landed, but this time Willow was slow to slide off Hawk’s shoulders to the ground.  Before doing so she put her arms around Hawk’s neck and hugged him tightly never wanting to let go and a tear rolled down her cheek.  Off she slid.  Hawk knew she felt as sad as he did.  He told her that he would return soon to help her with her work.  As she stood on the ground looking up at Hawk, their eyes met.  Hawk wrapped his lovely soft warm feathered wings around Willow’s slight body in a friendly embrace and held her tightly before leaving.  As Hawk was about to fly up to the heavens he reminded Willow that she could contact him telepathically whenever she wished.  He would always be there for her.  She had learned many valuable telepathic communication techniques while in the Sacred Cave and she knew that she would be using them often to connect with her dearest friend Hawk.

“Hawk!”, called Willow, as he circled one last time before soaring into the bright sunlit sky.  Hawk turned to Willow as she shouted out to him, “Hawk, who was the woman animal healer we saw while in the Sacred Cave?”  Hawk’s eyes sparkled as he flashed a big smile saying, “My dear, for now it is not important.  Let’s just call her the ‘Mystery Woman’”.

Chapter XXI – Willow’s Message to You

Willow was now able to walk her true pathway in life and to be her true self.  She understood now why she had come to this earth and what her true purpose was while here.  This is Willow’s parting message to you:

“If you truly desire to walk the path of healing, or if you long to communicate with nature, you too may tap into this Divine gift that is yours.  This gift is here for each of us.  A special gift that, unfortunately, lays dormant more often than not in many.  A gift that when cherished and given unselfishly to others will blossom so we may understand fully all those we share our planet with.

I invite you to truly “look” through the eyes of Spirit with new eyes and “feel” with your heart.  See how nature parallels life.  Learn to quiet the mind so that you may receive the answers to your challenges and the answers to your many questions.

The answers for all of us are right in front of us – in nature.  If only we would “look”, “listen” and “feel””.

Words From The Wise

I remember as a child talking to almost every animal and bird I came in contact with.  Since then not much has changed.  I take great pleasure in having a “chat” with my nature friends on a daily basis.

There are a couple of trees that I am strongly connected with.  The trees live in a small park I regularly walk through. One tree is an always willing miniature Maple and the other is a very wise Magnolia.  Often, I ask the trees for a teaching or guidance.  Over time they have given me many meaningful messages.

As well as communicating with the trees, often I receive a message from a bird, cat, horse or a waterfall.  One never knows where the next heart-warming message may come from.  The important thing is to remain open and clear in order to receive each and every one.  The following messages have come to me from my tree friends, except where otherwise indicated.  I hope you enjoy these wonderful and thought provoking “words” from my many wise friends in nature.

  • Open your hearts to the beauty of nature and inhale.
  • The Heart yearns to be free – allow it!
  • Love is like a melody of colours.
  • May the path you follow be your own.
  • Let the winds of change greet you (from my cat Jazz).
    • To be truly alive and to help others makes one’s life complete.
  • Miracles are unending…if you look and listen.
  • Live from the heart.
  • To be loved is to be whole (from my cat Tango).
  • You are wisest when you use your heart.
  • Winter wonderland the Snow Deva’s paradise.
  • Seek the truth and you shall find ‘your’ way.
  • Blessed are those who love the animal kingdom…our closest connection with the Divine.
  • Beauty of the soul.
  • For those that listen there is much to hear (from my cat Jazz).
  • Mighty are those who trust (from the waterfall).
  • Forever softly must you tread through life.
  • Listening is often not enough…one must act on guidance received.
  • Life forms as you know them, do not exist…we are spirits with souls…animals are the purest of soul (from my horse Sugar).
  • Those who truly love also forgive.
  • Give thanks for each precious day of life…for each one brings a blessing.

Prayer for Protection of Animals

O God, source of life and power, who feedeth the birds of the heavens, increase our tenderness towards all the creatures of Thy hand.

Help us to refrain from petty acts of cruelty, or thoughtless deeds of harm to any living animal.

May we care for them at all times, especially during hard weather, and protect them from injury so that they learn to trust us as friends.

Let our sympathy grow with knowledge, so that the whole creation may rejoice in Thy presence.

“Author Unknown”


Reader’s Comments

Set in the realm of a special Xanadu, ‘Willow Meets Hawk’ demonstrates Starlight’s extreme passion for animals.  It ventures into a mystical world of fantasy to blend her personal healing experiences with animals and nature.  One has to be inspired by the possibilities of tranquility, healing and hope for humanity brought by those experiences.  What an insight!

–Felipa Ibarrola

“A delightful little masterpiece that takes you on a journey through another dimension of a higher consciousness of being.  Maybe we all have a little of Willow inside of us!  Enlightened to her by the living, loving energy of nature all around her, Willow heals the broken. I encourage and dare you to open yourself up to the underlying message to be learned from Willow.  It begs the question of one to ask, “where and what is my place here”?  Is your spirit open to the Deva working magic into your life?”

–Marlene De Boer

A beautiful combination of animal healing performed with Reiki and PRISMology.  For people who are in touch with their spiritual side, this book will encourage them to awaken their natural gift of healing to become healers.  The images and descriptions used in this book are beautiful and it touched me in a very gentle and loving way.  My 10 year old son, Arman, said the drawings are cool and he likes them.  My personal favourites are the Ice Palace and the Sacred Healing Waters.  Thanks for this precious gift.

–Setareh Riahi, Kundalini Yoga/Usui Reiki Teacher

I really enjoyed reading this saga of healing through the chambers in the cave.  This book is a great starting place for those who are looking to work with any form of energy, and especially with the intent to work with animals.  Being the “human guardian” of Star, I was in tears for that chapter.  I can’t say enough about how Starlight has impacted my life and those around us.  The illustrations are great, my favorite is of course ‘Star’s Journey Home’, and then having said that, they all have meanings within meanings, especially after having read the book.  I recommend one reads it first to enjoy the story and then again to find the message(s) within.

–Helen Ballash, Usui Reiki Master, PRISMology Master/Healer and Animal Communicator/Healer

Book Review – “The New Spirit Journal” – September 2005:

Journey with Willow through the Crystal Forest and the Sacred Cave of Wisdom as she experiences healing secrets of the ancients. With Hawk as her guide, Willow is taught healing techniques by the animals of the forest and the Sacred Cave.  Each experience awakens cellular memories of ways we can help the animals around us, as well as ourselves, and others.

This delightful little book is a treasure for all ages.  Profound teachings come in fanciful vignettes, learning as we travel through imagination and remembering.

–Arlene Arnold, “Transformational Tools”

About Starlight

Adrien Amadeo-Vittone, as the co-author with Spirit of this special little book, has chosen to use her Reiki Master name “Starlight”.  She is the Grand Master/Receiver of two healing modalities: PRISMology of Light Healing and StarFire – Animal Communication & Earth Healing Energies.  Starlight is also a teacher of numerous energy healing systems including traditional Usui Reiki, Sacred Flames Reiki, a Violet Flame Initiator as well as an animal telepathic communicator.  She is the founder/teacher of Healing Spiral of Light Global Studies at www.healingspiral.com and the co-founder of AnimalHealers.com at www.AnimalHealers.com and holds a lifetime membership with the World’s Metaphysical Association.

It is Starlight’s aim to assist those who have the passion and desire to learn healing from the heart, mind and soul.  It is her hope and desire that these sacred healing techniques and energies will be passed on to others and that healing be given lovingly and openly to all things living and with whom we share our glorious planet.

As a tribute to Dr. Usui, the founder of traditional Usui Reiki, Spirit gifted Starlight with the Japanese name Sutaaraito, which translated means Starlight.  Starlight resides with her loving husband in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

For additional information please visit: www.willowmeetshawk.com or e-mail: healingspiral@gmail.com


First Edition Copyright © 2004 by Adrien Amadeo-Vittone, “Starlight” (co-written with Spirit).  All rights reserved.  No part of this book, its text, illustrations, etc. may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the author and publisher.  For information please e-mail me at: healingspiral@gmail.com

Cover Design and Book Illustrations: Starlight

Written in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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